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Beaten up by the bullies: the Italian girl Mariam dies in Nottingham (England)

Her parents come from Egypt. The Italian TV show “Le Iene” reports the whole story in this video

The Italian girl Mariam died on March 14th after a three weeks coma in Nottingham, England. A female gang beat her up and caused her death. Pablo Trincia was in Nottingham and he has reported this story during the Italian Tv show “Le Iene”, which was the first to give the news.

She has been beaten up on a bus by a girls' gang which was looking for Mariam (they had already attacked her in August in a park). Mariam Moustafa, 18 years old with Egyptian origins, was born in Italy and grew up in Ostia, Rome's neighbourhood. Her father wanted her to study in England with her brother and sister, so the whole family moved to Nottingham 4 years ago.

She was with a friend on a bus when the gang attacked the girl, kicking and punching her, on the 20th of February. When Mariam arrived at the hospital the doctors told her to go home, even though she said she was feeling bad. She was in coma the morning after.

Rome's Prosecution has acquired the video above as a proof for the investigation on Mariam's death.

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